THU, 27 July, 2023 • 10am BST / 12pm CET

Getting Started with AI: What Should Customer Support Leaders Consider?

Join the webinar and get insights from CS leaders at Help Scout, Klaus and Cordless on how AI can benefit your customer support team.
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Meet Our Speakers

The group will discuss whether AI will truly change the world and customer support, how AI can be applied within CS to improve processes and business outcomes, and more
  • Mathew Patterson
    Help Scout
    Customer Service Content Lead
  • Mervi Sepp Rei
    Head of ML and Data, PhD
  • Luba Chudnovets

What You’ll Learn

We'll explore a wide range of topics to help you understand how AI can fit into your customer support strategy. By the end of the webinar, you will:

1. Understand the Implications of AI in Customer Support: We'll discuss the impact of AI on the customer experience and support teams, including the optimism and concerns around its adoption.

2. Discover Applications of AI in Customer Support: Understand the wide range of applications of AI in customer support and why these tools are of interest.

3. Explore the Impact of AI on Customer Experience: Understand how AI-driven automation can shape customer expectations and experiences.

And much more!