TUE 14 Nov 2023 • 2pm GMT

How to cut down customer service costs without damaging customer loyalty

Join the webinar and get insights from CS leaders from Selfridges, The Nest by Concentrix + Webhelp and Cordless.

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Meet Our Speakers

The group will discuss cost drivers and hands-on cost initiatives to try.
  • Sham Aziz
    Former Head of Customer Service @Selfridges
  • Alexandre Morey
    The Nest by Concentrix + Webhelp
    Global Head of Operations @The Nest
  • Luba Chudnovets
    Cordless, ex-Monzo
    Co-founder and CEO @Cordless

What You’ll Learn

1. Cost drivers: What are the best metrics to focus on and how to think about cost drivers that contribute to your overall cost of service.

2. Reducing contact volume: We'll share ideas about hands-on initiatives to reduce the volume of customer questions and the risks to be aware of.

3. Outsourcing: When and why to consider outsourcing, and how can an outsourcing partner strike the perfect balance between quality and cost optimization.

4. Productivity of your team: Tips on how to improve your internal processes and tools, and empower your team.

And much more!