Cordless IVR guide
Here you will find an IVR Health check list to get you started and In-depth case studies of how innovative companies structure their IVRs.

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Health Checklist
We put together this IVR check list so you can quickly see how you can improve your voice menu.

Customer support is an important edge in this super competitive market, so it’s worth considering if any of the advanced options might be for you given your stage.

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Revolut is a super fast growing fintech business with 15 million customers and a dozens products.

There was a shift towards in-app chats in the fintech space. Most players still opt for offering some phone support, because having problems accessing your money can have a material impact on a person’s well-being.

Not Revolut! All of their phone support is fully automated and you can't talk to a human. But is it useful?
Babylon Health
Babylon is a startup that offers a digital-first health service. Patients are connected with health care professionals through its web and mobile application.

For companies like Babylon phone support is really important for 2 reasons:
  • Health is a very emotional and complex subject, so people who need help often want to speak to a human
  • Babylon don’t have physical locations, so the only way to speak to a human is call them
Bloom & Wild
Bloom & Wild is a fast growing e-commerce business offering flower delivery online.

Support in e-commerce is very repetitive and is centred around deliveries and refunds. There is a lot of potential for automation.

Although Bloom&Wild face the same type of simple questions, flower delivery can feel urgent and emotional! Imagine someone’s birthday flowers getting delayed. How well do they cater to their customers?
Lemonade is a modern insurance business offering car, homeowners, renters, pet, and life insurance with an AI component. They have more than 900 employees.

Analysis of their IVR is coming soon! Watch this space!

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