Intercom integration start guide
To use Cordless-Intercom integration you need to have an active Cordless account.
To set up an account with Cordless please contact us at
How to use Cordless-Intercom integration
What this app does
The Cordless-Intercom integration allows you to keep the log of the calls you make and receive in Cordless in Intercom.
It also allows Cordless to show you customer’s information from Intercom when a customer is calling you.
How to set up the app
Once you have connected your Intercom workspace with Cordless you will be redirected to the Integrations page in Cordless.
There you can select which calls you would like to send to Intercom: missed calls, outbound un-answered calls and all answered calls. Tick the checkboxes for the calls you want to create conversations for in Intercom.
How to change the app settings
To change which types of calls you would like to be notified about in Intercom, navigate to the Integrations page in Cordless and click the “Manage” on the “Intercom” tile.
How to disconnect Intercom from Cordless
To disconnect your Intercom workspace from Cordless, navigate to the Integrations page in Cordless, click “Manage” on the “Intercom” tile and click “Disconnect”.