Bridging the gap between
voice and text
Modern cloud call centre software for support teams
and their customers
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Make CX your
competitive advantage
  • Visual IVR studio
    Flexible voice menu with best practice templates and saved drafts to get ready for a busy day
  • Voice content analytics
    All conversations transcribed, searchable and automatically categorised for better analytics
  • SMS automation
    Help customers find an answer and reduce your call volume with smart SMS automation
For growing support teams
If you are starting out with voice support or taking your team to the next level, Cordless was designed for you.

Scaling is hard and things change all the time.
That’s why we include best practice templates and guidance into our product for growing support teams.
  • With Cordless, we were able
    to transform our customer’s journey over the phone
    without involving our engineering team
  • Cordless helped us to get started, but it will also allow us to scale in the future in a more efficient way
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Cloud call center software
ready in minutes
Get a number and start receiving calls today. Collaborate with your team through To-Do lists, call transfers and notes. Monitor performance on a real-time dashboard and team reports. Coach your team using an intuitive QA flow.
Enterprise-level control
with modern UI
Built for support teams
and their customers
  • Call Journey Builder
    Customise destination and ring rules to direct customer calls to the right person every time
  • Business hours
    Set customised schedules and manage customer expectations with different greeting outside of business hours
  • Call notes
    Enable your team to collaborate and share context through notes and call assignments
  • SMS automation
    Resolve questions faster by sharing helpful content while the customer is waiting or if you can’t pick up
  • Voicemail transcription
    Easily scan through transcribed voicemails to call back with context faster
  • Call transfers
    Collaborate easily and connect the customer to a specialist in your team right away
  • Call recording
    Full record of all your conversation in speech and text formats. Accurate transcription trained for your context.
  • Real time dashboard
    Keep track and react quickly to call volume peaks and trough with our real-time stats and in-depth analytics
  • Integrations with your favourite tools
    Intercom integration to keep track of every interaction in one place. Call notifications via Email and Slack.