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Cordless Raises $2.3m to Bring AI Innovation to Customer Phone Support

Reading time: 3 minutes


We are pleased to announce our $2.3m Seed round led by Fly Ventures with participation from Passion Capital, TrueSight and Renaud Visage, co-founder of Eventbrite. Cordless mission is to create the best voice platform for customer support teams that unlocks actionable call insights and helps improve product and service quality.

“Voice support is a generally underinvested category, compared to text, but it is critical to several high-complexity product segments, as well as older, less tech-savvy customer groups. Luba and Irina experienced this first-hand at Monzo, and are now bringing a super well-crafted platform to the market.”

Marie Brayer, Partner at Fly Ventures said

Customer support over the phone is lagging behind

Phone support is indispensable to customers for emotional, urgent and complex questions. Just think about the last time you were waiting for a large refund or needed to do a health insurance claim! It is also the richest source of feedback for companies. But voice is a really hard medium to analyse and extract data from. When we spoke to 100+ customer support leaders we learned that on average managers listen to at most 10 calls per week. This means companies are losing valuable information about how they can improve their service and product.

In recent years there has been a lot of innovation around text-based support and analysis of text communication, but calls and voice innovation has lagged behind. At Cordless we strongly believe that in the next 5 years every company that supports voice will use AI to systematically analyse their conversations and derive insights about their customer experience.

Customer support is often viewed as a cost centre. And as a result, we see that existing conversation intelligence tools have been built for sales teams. In reality, services teams are the ones building relationships with customers, which directly impacts retention and revenue. 83% of customers overwhelmingly agree that they feel more loyal to brands that respond to and resolve their complaints.

Customer feedback is key for your business

That’s why we are building Cordless - a telephony platform with AI-driven conversation intelligence for customer support teams. It is designed to spot new trends, assess customer sentiment and automatically categorise all your calls. So that customer support leaders can ensure consistency of service and have data at their fingertips to be the voice of the customer in their company.

Ease of use has always been our priority. Cordless can be set up in minutes and is ready to go with useful data easily available to manage your support over the phone.
Conversation Intelligence
Cordless transcribes calls automatically and makes content searchable. Call transcription saves support managers time with QA, simplifies compliance and allows the rest of the company to engage more easily with customer feedback. Transcript commenting allows managers to review calls and leave feedback more easily and improve service quality.
Call transcription
Keyword tracker allows you to automatically categorise all your calls based on the words or phrases you want to be track. Spotted a new issue? Just create a tracker and see how frequently the issue occurs, in future and past calls.
Keyword tracker
Cordless analyses all calls and assigns a sentiment score to each, so managers know which calls to pay attention to. Highlights in the text and recording are there to help navigate how the customer feels and where to focus your time.
Keyword tracker

What's next?

We’re very excited to be building Cordless and finally making support over the phone feel great for both support teams and their customers. Thank you to our investors and advisors - we are very grateful to have such an amazing group of people support us on our mission!

Everything we ship is built in collaboration with our customers and design partners. A big thank you to our customers for your feedback and support.

We’re just getting started and here’re just some of the things to come next:
  • Integrations with Front, HelpScout and Salesforce
  • Real-time dashboard of team activity
  • Email and Slack notifications when specific words are mentioned
  • View-only seats so everyone in the company can engage with customer feedback
  • Improved QA flow
  • And more!
Want to find out what Cordless can do for you?
Choose a time that suits you, and let's get started
Luba Chudnovets
Co-Founder and CEO