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Industry: Fintech
Integration: Front, Klaus
Features they love: Call summaries / Keyword Tracker & Auto-Tagging / AskAI to spot vulnerable customers and QA for script adherence

About Ophelos

Ophelos is a fintech startup with unique technology that uses machine learning and behavioural science to get people debt-free and organisations paid back. It was established with the vision to revolutionise the way individuals, families, and businesses manage their financial health.

The Problem

As a debt resolution agency, Ophelos deals with many customers in challenging situations. The burden of debt can be incredibly stressful, and many of their customers grapple with additional difficulties, such as mental health issues, job loss, or relationship breakdowns, further complicating their ability to stay on top of bills.

In addition to complying with the strict regulations in this space, Ophelos wants to set a gold standard in terms of how they treat customers. To do this, they need to document all customer interactions and make them readily available for review, both internally and with their clients’ teams.

Within their own team, they need to make sure that their customer support agents are interacting with customers empathetically, following set rules and procedures, and handling vulnerable customers with extra care.

Externally, they need to share these conversations with clients in order to demonstrate that they are supporting their customers to the highest degree. Previously, they had been using Klaus to provide access. In order to support this existing workflow, integration with Klaus was a must.

The Solution

Call transcription and AI summaries for compliance

Cordless transcribes all calls by default. For Ophelos, this means visibility into 100% of customer interactions.
Having transcripts provided Ophelos with the ability to filter and search through the conversations using specific phrases or keywords and quickly unlock insights into the content of the calls.
Conversation intelligence
As each Cordless conversation comes with an AI-generated summary, it swiftly provided Ophelos team with context on the reason for the calls, the outcome, and any action items.
Auto-tagging calls so the team can focus on higher-value tasks

Using tags to organise conversations by properties and monitor topics customers are calling about is a simple but manual task that takes up the team's focus and wrap-up time.

Cordless keyword tracker drastically reduced the need for Ophelos' team to perform such repetitive tasks by automatically sifting through 100% of conversations, watching out for specific words and phrases, and automatically assigning relevant tags to the calls. This has not only freed up the team’s time for higher-value tasks but also increased the coverage and accuracy of call tagging.
We’ve found auto-tagging calls way more reliable than doing it manually
Shannon Lavery
Customer Operations Manager at Ophelos
The keyword tracker has also allowed Ophelos to spot and tag calls with vulnerable customers, prompting the CS managers to review them more thoroughly.
AskAI: identifying vulnerable customers and checking for script adherence

The Cordless AskAI feature has made it quicker and easier for Ophelos to identify conversations with vulnerable customers and QA them on the subject of compliance with internal processes.
Conversation intelligence
One of Cordless’ fastest developing conversation intelligence features, AskAI allows Ophelos to ask questions about calls and receive reliable answers. Each AskAI question only needs to be asked once to process all existing and future calls in the account.
I had a look at the AI questions/conditions features and I’m absolutely loving them - can see this being super useful for us
Matthew Hinett
Senior Operations Specialist at Ophelos
Front integration and Web hook

Ophelos uses Front CRM to gather all customer communications in one place. Cordless easily integrates with Front, allowing teams to customise the information to receive in the CRM, including call type, call summary, phone number called, team member who handled the call and voicemail and/or full call transcripts.
Conversation intelligence
The integration syncs Ophelos' customer information with Cordless, allowing the team to see their customers' names in Cordless and adding context to their phone conversations.

Cordless also provided Ophelos with a web hook to programmatically export Cordless data to Ophelos’ internal analytics tools.
Klaus integration

Ophelos uses Klaus to grant Ophelos’ clients access to their conversations with end-users. This flow is a crucial part of their compliance requirements. Cordless proactively built a tag-based integration with Klaus, so Ophelos could continue to make the records of their customer interactions available for review by Ophelos's clients.


Cordless has helped Ophelos automate routine tasks, as well as uncover complex conversation and team performance insights.

With AI-driven automatic tagging Ophelos was able to increase tagging accuracy and achieve a 100% coverage.
AskAI is helping Ophelos gain deeper, more actionable insights to detect conversations with vulnerable customers and QA the calls.

Cordless integrations with Front, Klaus and Ophelos’ internal system support Ophelos exiting workflows across all customer support operations. This has helped Ophelos maintain a high-level of compliance, optimise their existing workflows and uncover actionable insights into conversations with customers.
26th September 2023
Luba Chudnovets