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Feature Overview: Ask AI
Automatically highlight complex conversations needing attention and quickly get answers to your QA categories.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes
Video Walkthrough
What is Ask AI?
Ask AI is a ChatGPT-powered feature uniquely tailored to analyse 100% of your call transcripts. It focuses on various qualitative aspects of your calls like first call resolution, churn risk, complaints, agent behaviour, and more. The beauty of Ask AI is its customisability – we tailor it to suit each customer’s specific needs.
Use Cases
  • Compliance: Did the agent notify the caller that the call is being recorded?
  • First Call Resolution: Was the issue resolved during the call without the need for follow-ups?
  • Churn Risk: Did the customer express an intention to stop using your services?
  • Process Adherence: For existing customers, did the agent follow internal guidelines to verify the caller before processing their request?
  • Escalations: Was there a need to escalate the call to a higher authority or specialist team?
  • Product Feedback: Did the customer provide any feedback or suggestions about the product or service?
And anything else you can think of ;)
Call centre and Agent performance Insights tiles
First Call Resolution report detail
How Does AI Work?
  1. Custom Questions: Ask AI questions are configured ad-hoc for each customer taking into account operational nuances of each company.
  2. Cordless + ChatGPT: AskAI will ask ChatGPT to look at all of your call transcripts and answer the question for each of the calls with Yes / No / Unknown (N/A).
  3. AskAI Tab in Call Details: Within any call’s detail page, you’ll find the AskAI tab. This tab displays questions saved to your account and the AI-generated answers. Override the answers manually if you disagree to improve prompt accuracy.
  4. Aggregate data in Insights: The Insights section aggregates and displays the responses from all calls, providing a comprehensive overview of your question categories, and highlighting calls that need attention, like churn risk or complaints.
One-off GPT Queries, aka Quick questions: this mini self-serve feature allows you to write a GPT query to any call yourself and get an instant answer. These answers are not saved.
AskAI tab in Call Details - Saved Questions
One-off GPT Queries, aka Quick questions: this mini self-serve feature allows you to write a GPT query to any call yourself and get an instant answer. These answers are not saved.
AskAI tab in Call Details - Quick Questions
Insights: The Heart of Ask AI
The Insights section is where Ask AI truly shines. Here’s what you can expect:
  • Aggregate Data: View aggregated data across all calls for each question, split by Yes/No/Unknown.
  • Detailed Breakdowns: Insights offer breakdowns by agent, allowing for a deeper understanding of individual and team performance per each Ask AI question.
  • Call-Specific Analysis: Click through to specific calls based on their responses (yes, no, unknown) and agents handling the calls.
Understanding the ‘Unknown’
  • The ‘unknown’ category in responses indicates situations where the AI couldn’t provide a definitive answer due to various reasons, like non-applicability of the question, brevity of the conversation, or call being just a voicemail.
Where the AI Power Truly Lies
Ask AI is not a replacement for human insight but a powerful augmentation to CS managerial workflows. Its key value lies in its ability to process 100% of calls and automatically highlight complex conversations that require attention, enabling you to focus on the calls that truly matter.

This can help you ensure that your QA process is both targeted and impactful.

Stay tuned for more updates and features from Cordless. We're here to help you transform your customer support experience!
For more information, keep an eye out for our other feature overviews or consider booking a demo with us.