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Automated PII Redaction: Secure Every Conversation
The core metrics for a comprehensive overview of your team's performance.

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes
What is Automated PII Redaction?
Automated PII (Personal Identifiable Information) redaction is an AI-driven feature that automatically identifies and redacts sensitive customer information from call transcripts and recordings.

This feature ensures that sensitive data like personal, medical and financial information details is securely masked, while the rest of the conversation remains accessible.
Why is it Important?
In today's data-saturated world, compliance with data protection laws is not just best practice—it's a necessity. Automated PII Redaction helps your company stay on the right side of regulations by ensuring that sensitive customer data is handled with the utmost care.

This not only safeguards customer privacy but also builds trust, a vital currency in any business relationship. Moreover, the automation aspect streamlines your operations, freeing up your team’s valuable time and resources that can be better spent on strategic tasks.
How Does it Work?
Detection: Our AI-driven algorithms scan through your call transcripts and recordings to identify any form of personal or sensitive data.

Automatic Redaction: Once detected, the PII data is instantly redacted from the transcripts (replaced with ###) and recordings (replaced with beeps), eliminating the need for manual redaction and thereby reducing the margin for error.
sentiment analysis
PII Redacted Transcript
What Kind of Data Can Be Redacted?

  • Personal Info: Names, ages, locations, occupations
  • Medical Info: Blood types, conditions, treatments, medications, injuries
  • Financial Data: Credit card numbers, bank account details, financial transactions
  • Cultural and Personal Beliefs: Nationalities, political affiliations, religions
and more
Getting Started with Automated PII Redaction
Currently, this feature supports conversations in English. To activate Automated PII Redaction on your account, simply get in touch with us.

This small yet significant feature is a step towards fostering a more secure and privacy-compliant communication environment for both your team and customers.

For more information, keep an eye out for our other feature overviews or consider booking a demo with us.