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Better ways of doing voice QA and compliance for calls

Webinar with Irina Bednova (Cordless), Shannon Lavery (Ophelus) and Anne-Maria Krüünvald (Klaus)


In this webinar, Irina Bednova from Cordless, Shannon Lavery from Ophelos, and Anne-Maria Krüünvald from Klaus got together to discuss the importance of QA, approaches to setting up to really benefit your team and customers, and how Klaus and Cordless can make this task significantly simpler.

We've summarised the key points for you below.

The Crucial Role of Quality Assurance in Customer Support

The speakers shared how the role of QA becomes paramount in the world of customer support, where support teams often serve as the first point of contact for customers. Support teams act as the "business card" for any organization, making it essential to meet customer expectations and maintain consistency in service. QA helps identify and resolve potential issues before they impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. Support teams play a crucial role in driving revenue and can be considered a profit center within the organization.

QA for Employee Happiness and Growth

QA not only benefits customers but also plays a significant role in employee happiness and growth. By providing specific feedback and opportunities for improvement, QA helps support team members enhance their skills and deliver exceptional customer service.

Moreover, it contributes to a positive work environment by fostering a culture of learning and improvement. When QA becomes an integral part of the customer support process, it empowers agents to feel more confident in resolving customer issues and making a difference.
Building trust and creating psychological safe spaces - in reality, that's really what's going to elevate your team's performance and accuracy when dealing with those customer queries.
Shannon Lavery, Ophelos

Unveiling the Gaps: QA vs. Customer Feedback Metrics

While customer feedback metrics are crucial for understanding the overall customer experience, they may not always accurately reflect the areas that require improvement in customer service. This is where QA steps in.

QA allows for a deeper analysis of customer support interactions and identifies specific weaknesses that need to be addressed. By investing in QA, organizations can bridge the gap between customer feedback metrics and actual customer service quality, ensuring continuous improvement in support delivery.

Very often in QA, we focus on finding the mistakes, but it's also very important to actually acknowledge when stuff gets done very well.

Anne-Maria Krüünvald, Klaus

QA: An Investment for the Future

QA is not just a short-term fix; it is an investment in the future.

By focusing on quality assurance, organizations benefit from satisfied customers and engaged employees, ultimately contributing to their bottom line. QA helps maintain great customer support by bringing company values to life. It trains agents to prioritize empathy, understanding, and patience in their interactions with customers. It measures global listening skills, questioning abilities, and the tone of agents, leading to happier agents, happier customers, and improved CSAT scores.

The Integration of AI in QA

The integration of AI in QA processes brings a new dimension to customer support. Cordless, as a telephone platform with conversational intelligence, allows for 100% coverage of important QA questions, compliance monitoring, and upholding company values.

Their AI feature called Ask AI enables layered questions and builds the foundation for monitoring conversations effectively. With Cordless Cloud's integration with Klaus, call recordings, transcripts, and agent scoring can be pulled into Klaus for quality assurance. This integration provides a holistic view of performance and content across various channels while streamlining operations.

The Human Element: The Future of QA

While AI and automation play a significant role in the future of QA, it's crucial to maintain a humanistic approach to customer support. Voice remains a preferred channel for customers, especially for emotional or complicated issues.

Neglected voice calls, however, pose challenges in terms of review and analysis. Cordless addresses this challenge by transcribing all calls by default, allowing for efficient analysis and valuable data for call center performance. Klaus further enables the collection and analysis of conversations from various channels in one place, creating a unified QA solution.
We deploy AI on the analytics side. I think there is a huge potential to making customer support operations a lot more efficient with AI on assisting agents, assisting managers with QA, and analyzing what's going on with the conversations.
Irina Bednova, Cordless
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